4’ Slider by Modern Studio

We are proud to carry this new heavy duty 4’ slider. It travels along the track very smooth and has a 150mm Mitchell swivel base to mount it onto a tripod or, if you prefer, screw on legs so that it can rest on the floor. In addition, it accepts your favorite 150mm Mitchell base heads (O’Connor, Sachtler etc.) to provide excellent camera control.

Easy Rig 2.5 (700N) and Easy Rig 4 Vario (400N)

Easy Rig
We carry two varieties of the Easy Rig system to make hand holding your camera all day easier. The Easy Rig transfers the weight of the camera from the shoulders and arms and places it on your hips. Our Easy Rig 2.5 (700N) can accommodate heavier cameras up to 35 lbs. (like an ARRI Alexa with on board battery, prime lens, matte box, monitor and FI+Z) and our Easy Rig 4 Vario (400N) is designed for lighter cameras up to 21 lbs (like the Red Epic with battery, prime lens, matte box, monitor and FI+Z).

Cineped Rotational Slider

Cineped Rotational Slider
The new 42" Cineped Rotational Slider is more than just another slider, it allows for the usual slider side to side movement as well as pan and arc on a horizontal axis to or from your subject! It is solidly built with quality heavy duty materials so that you can deliver a steady move every time. In addition, the Cineped is super stable up to 6' high and can hold up to 95 lbs of camera on either end as well as up to 650 lbs. at its center! Needless to say, weight limitations are not an issue! Finally, it accepts 150mm Mitchell mount heads, 150mm Sachtler ball heads and 100mm ball heads.

Tyler Minigyro Stabilizing Camera Mount

Tyler KA2P4719
The Tyler Minigyro Stabilizing Camera Mount is a compact, hassle free stabilizing camera mount in that allows flexibility for the user to go from one shooting situation such as in a helicopter, and then to seamlessly move onto another shooting set up like in a car – all without any downtime due to reconfiguring.
Some of the features of the Tyler Minigyro stabilizing camera mount are: variable position handles, camera quick release mounting plate, adjustable tilt head for shooting up or down and specially developed shock tube to eliminate vibration and support.

Minigyro Features:

Arriflex Geared Head
A serious tool for the serious professional. The Arri Geared head allows for very finely tuned fluid moves. The head offers great stability in a compact design.

Speed Reducer for the Arri Geared Head
Adds finer control to the above, allowing for even higher spin to move ratios. Available for both pan and tilt.

O'Connor Ultimate 2575 Fluid Head
A heavy duty fluid head ideal for any larger format 35mm or video camera. With an infinitely adjustable counterbalance and bracketry for front box and eye piece leveler, the 2575 is capable of supporting up to 150 lb.

O’Connor 2060 HD Fluid Head
This head is practically the same as its big brother, the 25-75: Very reliable, industry standard and easy to operate except that it is smaller and designed for a lighter payload of around 65 lbs.

O'Connor 100 Fluid Head
Tried and true work horse of the industry. A basic heavy duty fluid head capable of supporting up to 100 lb.

O'Connor 50
A basic light duty fluid head. Ideal for lighter 16mm and video cameras. Features 100 mm ball base for quick leveling adjustment.

Sachtler Studio II, 7+7 Fluid Head
An ideal fluid head for lighter weight 35mm and video cameras. The 7+7 has seven degrees of tilt and pan tension with three counterbalance settings on the tilt axis.

Cartoni "Dutch" Head
"Dutch" head based upon the Cartoni C40 fluid head. Used in situations where a "Dutch" angle camera move is desired.

Van Diemen Tango/Swing Head
"Dutch" device also referred to as a Tango head. Has a low profile and is used when a static "Dutch" angle is desired.

Cartoni Lambda Head
The Lambda is "Nodal Swing Head" which means the head can be fine tuned to move on the camera lens' vertical and horizontal axis. The head allows for a full 360° rotation on both axis.

Weaver Steadman 2 Axis Head
Versatile fluid head which allows for full 360° rotation on the Pan and Tilt axis. Tube assembly system lends itself to multiple of set ups and uses. May be mounted on a tripod, jib, etc. Ideal tool for table top production.

Weaver Steadman 3rd Axis
Used with above to achieve a head that allows for an infinite number of configurations including "Dutch" capabilities.

Tripods and Triangles

Ronford heavy duty sticks - standards or babies
Sachtler light weight sticks - standards or babies

Other Support

High hat
Low hat
Rocker plate
Geared wedge
Ronford Baker Plate
Quick plate (as an additional)

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