Cooke Anamorphic  Lenses

Cooke Anamorphic / i 2X Prime Lenses

Cooke Anamorphic /i lenses offer superb optical and mechanical performance. Distortion, veiling glare, flares, and all aberrations are controlled at all apertures over the whole field of view. Like the S4 prime lenses, the cam focus mechanism allows for smooth focus adjustments. All front diameters of the Cookes are 110mm with the exception of the 25mm and 65mm Macro which are 136mm.

Lens Features:

Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 2X Prime lenses

When your production calls for shooting in anamorphic but your budget does not, you may want to consider using Kowa Prominar 2X anamorphic lenses. These 1960s Japanese vintage lenses are small, weighing in at 2 to 3 lbs, sport 80mm front diameters and provide a pleasing image that is warm, can easily create the desired anamorphic flare (not blue, but warm as well) and has low contrast. The Kowas come in 40 (T2.3), 50 (T2.3), 75 (T2.8) and 100mm (T3.4)

Leica Summilux-C prime lenses

Leica Summilux-C prime lenses

Schumacher Camera is very proud to introduce the highly anticipated Leica Summilux-C prime lenses into our inventory. Available now, these outstanding lenses which were designed from the ground up specifically for the motion picture industry offer the user a beautiful high resolution and high contrast cinematic image. In addition, the lens set displays excellent image quality over the entire field of view, super low chromatic aberration and superb illumination over the entire image (no more annoying shading in the corners). Finally, their small diameter (95mm), short length and light weight (3.5 to 4 lbs.) as well as their rugged construction make these lenses the perfect companion for any shoot. Please call us for an appointment to see what everyone has been talking about!

Lens Features:

Leica Summicron-C prime lenses

Leica Summicron-C prime lenses

Comparable to the pleasing and natural look of Leica still lenses, these affordable, high quality and robust lenses are 20 to 30% lighter than the Summilux-C lenses and offer a max aperture of T2. In addition, they have consistent 95mm diameter fronts, are assistant friendly with bright focus marks and the iris and focus barrels are all in the same positions. Currently the set comes in 18, 25, 35, 50, 75 & 100mm.

Lens Features:

35mm Format Lenses

Sun shade and bellows are included with all lens rentals

Standard Speed Prime Lenses - PL Mount

12mm Cooke S4 T2
14mm Cooke S4 T2
16mm Cooke S4 T2
18mm Cooke S4 T2
21mm Cooke S4 T2
25mm Cooke S4 T2
27mm Cooke S4 T2
32mm Cooke S4 T2
35mm Cooke S4 T2
40mm Cooke S4 T2
50mm Cooke S4 T2
65mm Cooke S4 T2
75mm Cooke S4 T2
100mm Cooke S4 T2
135mm Cooke S4 T2
150mm Cooke S4 T2

10mm T2.1 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
12mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
14mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
16mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
20mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
24mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
28mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
32mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
40mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
50mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
65mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
85mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
100mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
135mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
180mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime

8mm T2.8 Nikkor

10mm T2.1 Zeiss
12mm T2.1 Zeiss
14mm T2.1 Zeiss
16mm T2.1 Zeiss
20mm T2.1 Zeiss
24mm T2.1 Zeiss
28mm T2.1 Zeiss
32mm T2.1 Zeiss
40mm T2.1 Zeiss
50mm T2.1 Zeiss
85mm T2.1 Zeiss
100mm T2.1 Zeiss
135mm T2.1 Zeiss
180mm T3.0 Zeiss

Super Speed Prime Lenses - PL Mount

18mm T1.3 Zeiss
25mm T1.3 Zeiss
35mm T1.3 Zeiss
50mm T1.3 Zeiss
65mm T1.3 Zeiss
85mm T1.3 Zeiss

Red Pro Primes and Short Zoom

18mm T1.8
25mm T1.8
35mm T1.8
50mm T1.8
85mm T1.8
100mm T1.8
17-50mm T2.9

35mm Zoom Lenses - PL Mount

15–30mm Zeiss CZ.2 Compact Zoom T2.9 (PL or EF mount, full frame coverage — 36x24mm)
18–100mm Cooke T3.0
20–100mm Cooke T3.1
17–120mm Canon T 2.95
45–120mm Angenieux Optimo T2.8
25–250mm Angenieux HR T3.5
24–290mm Angenieux Optimo T2.8
28–76mm Angenieux Optimo T2.6 Lightweight Zoom
Zeiss 28–80mm Zeiss CZ.2 Compact Zoom T2.9 (PL or EF mount, full frame coverage — 36x24mm)
17–80mm Angenieux Optimo T2.3
15–40mm Angenieux Optimo T2.6 Lightweight Zoom
19–90mm Fujinon Cabrio T2.9
200mm Zeiss CZ.2 Compact Zoom T2.9 (PL or EF mount, full frame coverage — 36x24mm)

35mm Telephoto Lenses - PL Mount

200mm Canon T2.0
300mm Canon T2.8
400mm Canon T2.8

35mm Macro and Close Focus Lenses - PL Mount

16mm T2.0 Arri Macro
24mm T2.0 Arri Macro
32mm T2.0 Arri Macro
40mm T2.0 Arri Macro
50mm T2.8 Arri Macro
60mm T3.0 Arri Macro
60mm T2.8 1:2 Optex Macro
100mm T2.8 Arri Macro
100mm T3.0 1:1 Zeiss Macro
200mm T4.0 Arri Macro

35mm Finders and Extenders

Fries PL finder
Director's finder
Century 1.4 extender PL to PL
Century 2.0 extender PL to PL

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35mm Format Canon Still Camera Lenses

Canon EF Prime Lenses

24mm f1.4L II USM
35mm f1.4L USM
50mm f1.2L USM
85mm f1.2L II USM

Canon EF Zoom Lenses

16-35mm f2.8L II USM
24-105mm f4.0L IS USM
70-200mm f2.8L USM


16mm Format Lenses

Sun shade and bellows are included with all lens rentals

Prime Lenses - Bayonet or PL Mount

4mm T2.0 Optex
5.9mm T2.0 Angenieux**
6mm T1.3 Century
8mm T2.1 Zeiss**
9.5mm T1.3 Zeiss Super Speed
12mm T1.3 Zeiss Super Speed
16mm T1.3 Zeiss Super Speed
25mm T1.3 Zeiss Super Speed
50mm T1.3 Zeiss Super Speed

Zoom Lenses - Bayonet or PL Mount

8-64mm T2.4 Canon
9-50mm T2.5 Cooke Varitol**
10-100mm T2.0 Zeiss**
11-110mm T2.0 Zeiss
11.5-138mm T2.3 Canon
10-150mm T2.3 Angenieux**

Telephoto Lenses - Bayonet or PL Mount

200mm Canon T2.0
300mm Canon T2.8
400mm Canon T2.8

** will not cover Super 16 format

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Canon 17-120mm T2.95 Cine Servo

Canon 17-120mm T 2.95

The 17-120mm T2.95 Cine Servo zoom lens by Canon (CN7x17) is fully 4K ready as its image circle covers the Super 35mm sensor area (26.2 x 13.8mm) and offers cinematographers a compact, lightweight ENG design while still delivering the excellent optical quality that demanding productions require. This outstanding lens is a must have when a lot of run and gun hand held shooting is to be taken on for the day.

Lens Features:

Zeiss 15–30mm T2.9 CZ.2 Compact Zoom Lens


Schumacher Camera is excited to add the 15-30mm T2.9 Zeiss CZ.2 Compact Zoom lens to our rental inventory! This lens completes the set of compact zoom lenses that we carry created by the world famous lens manufacturer, Carl Zeiss, Inc. It maintains a robust construction like its siblings the 28-80mm and 70-200mm as well as a very “cine friendly” design that includes easy to read marks on the focus, iris and zoom barrels, .8mm pitch gearing on each barrel, and of course it holds a sharp image throughout the entire zoom range. In addition to being versatile in many shooting applications such as hand held and Steadicam work, this lens has interchangeable mounts (PL and Canon EF) so it can easily be used on a variety of cameras such as a Canon 5D mark iii, Canon C300, Sony F55, Red Epic Dragon ARRI Alexa and others. Finally, since the lens does cover the full frame still camera sensor image area (36x24mm), 6K shooting on Epic Dragon is no longer an issue as it covers way beyond that. Please come by today to see what everyone is talking about.

Zeiss 15-30mm Features:

Zeiss 28–80mm T2.9 CZ.2 Compact Zoom Lens

Zeiss 28-80mm T2.9 CZ.2 Compact Zoom

This lens weighs in at a mere 5.5 lbs. and is 7.72” long which make it great for Steadicam and hand held work. Like its brother, the 70-200mm, it has interchangeable PL and Canon EF mounts and it also features the famous Zeiss T* anti reflex coating as well as internal light traps that eliminate unwanted flaring. Full frame (36 X 24mm) still camera sensor coverage is no problem too as it is designed to cover just that as well as the super 35 sized Sony, ARRI, RED and Canon camera sensors. Industry standard cine gearing for focus, iris and zoom, clearly marked scales and a rock steady image when focusing and zooming definitely place this lens in the professional level when the user needs easy and accurate control on those difficult shots.

Lens Features:

Zeiss 70–200mm T2.9 CZ.2 Compact Zoom Lens

Zeiss 70-200mm T 2.9 Compact Zoom CZ.2 lens

This robust cine style lens, weighing in at 6 lbs. and just under 10 inches in length delivers beautiful images made possible by the world famous optical engineering of the Carl Zeiss company. Its features also include coverage of Super 35 and full frame (36 x 24mm) sensors, interchangeable lens mounts (PL and Canon EF) expanded focus scale for accurate focus pulling and excellent flare suppression.

70-200mm Zeiss CZ.2 Features:

About Cooke S4 Lenses

Cooke S4

Quality and performance have quickly made the Cooke S4 primes a standard in the industry. The entire series of Cooke S4 lenses feature the following exceptional qualities:

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Specialty Lenses

Although these specialty lenses are designed for 35mm, they are able to be used with 16mm PL mount comaeras.

CMI Revolution lens system
with snorkel and dual swivel mini PL modules and seven objective lenses: 9.8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, 40, & 60mm. A modular snorkel lens system with built-in orientation optics that controls image/horizon roll (360 degrees continuous). Aim any angle, any direction, tight situations. No time-consuming rigging. Standard gears for motorizing roll, pan axis, focus and iris.

Clairmont/Century swing shift system
with any three of the following lenses: 14, 18, 24, 35, 55, 75, 90, 105 or 135mm.
The swing shift system allows the operator to control the perspective and depth of field within a shot. The operation of the system is similar to a view camera system but is designed for motion picture.

CMI borescope T3.8 system
with seven objective lenses: 12, 16, 20, 24, 35, 40, 60mm and water submergible housing. The Cinewand combines extreme close focus with fast speed. It incorporates superior design principles resulting in images which are brighter, sharper and have more contrast.

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